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Puffins portfolio I had a trip to Skomer Island to get some photos of the Puffin’s.
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Water Voles portfolio Some photos of Water Voles.
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Butterflies and Moths portfolio Some photos of Butterflies and Moths.
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Achievements. portfolio This Gallery contains photos that have been particlarly successful for me in one way or another.
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Wasp’s portfolio My husband found a wasp’s nest in the garden shed, so of course I set up to take some photos of it building its nest. On Monday the 24th may 2010, the first time I took the photos, there was only one wasp that I could see by Monday 31st may 2010 there were two wasps, one is half the size of the other wasp and did not leave the nest but helped with building it. Do wasps have worker wasps that help with the nest?
I am going to watch this nest for a while but my Husband doesn’t want it to become too established.
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Mayflies portfolio I have had this idea for some time since seeing the photos of which inspired me to try it myself.
(Contains 3 photos)
Glow Worms. portfolio The glow-worm is not really a worm at all. In fact it's a beetle. This is most obvious when you see the male. The male is about 12mm long, and is a light brown colour. He's equipped with large, light-sensitive eyes which he uses for scanning for glowing females. Males have a weak fluttering flight, similar to moths.
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Mammals. portfolio
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Fox Kill portfolio
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Svalbard (Spitsbergen-Arctic) portfolio Photos taken on my trip to Svalbard (Spitsbergen-Arctic) 26th July to 12th August 2013.
It was an amazing trip.