Glow Worms.

The glow-worm is not really a worm at all. In fact it's a beetle. This is most obvious when you see the male. The male is about 12mm long, and is a light brown colour. He's equipped with large, light-sensitive eyes which he uses for scanning for glowing females. Males have a weak fluttering flight, similar to moths.
The larvae look like a cross between a caterpillar and a millipede. They're about 25mm long and have soft, rubbery bodies. The tail is equipped with a series of white bristles which is used to remove slime from its body after eating snails.

The female is the one noticed by most people since she produces a green light from her bottom. It's about as bright as an LED, like those on electronic gadgets. It is a cold light, so no energy is wasted in heat production. The light is created by a substance in the abdomen called luciferin, which when mixed with oxygen, breaks down creating the light.

Only the last few segments of the female’s abdomen emit light. She has complete control over the light emission, and is able to switch it on and off at will.
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